Our family box is one of the best combo packs that comes at a reasonable price. All the items that come with this are super fresh. The family box

Cauliflower x1

Pumpkin x 2kg

Sweet potatoes x1kg

Broccoli x2

Carrots 1kg

Potatoes 1kg

Beans 250gr

Tomatoes x4

Spinach x250gr

Onions x1kg

Corn x4

Grapes x1kg

Watermelon sliced 1kg

Strawberries x2

Blueberries x1

Pears x1kg

Peaches x500 gr

Nectarines x500gr

Apples x 2kg

Oranges x1 kg

Pineapple x1

Rockmelon x1

Apple juice 2l x1

Caldermeade yoghurt x1

Caldermeade milk x1


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